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Please can i have your picture, i collect pictures of natural disastures!!!

In the cookies of life, your friends are the chocolate chips!

Lies are like cover-up, they hide what really is there

(W) My heart was taken by you... broken by you... and now it's in pieces because of you... (W)

Guys Aren't Worth Your Tears-->And The Ones That Are Wouldn't Make You Cry

Why raise the roof when you can bring down the good house!

Would you catch me if I fall? Would you even notice me at all?
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The only thing I want between our relationship is Latex

new trend nicks

 We told everyone tha we are best friends we told ourselves we will be best friends for life and we promised we never let any person get in our way friends till da end!

Friends are 4ever, Guyz are whatever, When worst comez 2 worst, My girlz come 1st!

 Its hard being in the middle when yor friends have a fight... your only option is to stay out of it-out of it to the softer side
  New trend nicknames
I have a confession, I must confess, I was told love I was the absolute best

 Fact: If you ever hurt get it back 10 times worse...

 Anyone can catch your eyes, but it takes someone special to catch your heart!

n Look at the shirt tag..(what are you doing?) checking to see if you were made in heaven

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