Cool Msn Nicknames

As that would be here, my first and my last track
no promo, I do not want to arouse your interest,
You know what this phase, the credits to Kanack-Attack
Training Topic on Twitter, you need not even deny the more
Shit, now Essah is back!
Bring things to the point - SMS
pumpts to Genelex, I run like water on degree
They fear the truth, and nothing like screaming it out
and blow my lungs on her as she lies
Your sehts in the eyes - they are tired and angeschlappt
Hear it in their lyrics - they are angry and fucked up
Only yesterday the whole party and have abdicated
Flow-revolution, Essah the water ride
How should I still umkehr'n I've gone too far
Cross the stratosphere, the stars are close enough to touch
and they follow my voice, as if by magic, touched by the light of my aura,

cool msn nicknames

* I will give power to the mic in my hand and I *
stand at the forefront and do not let them triumph that
new msn nicknames
* I think I pull into the fight for you *
heartbroken msn nicks
I take everything they can but do not delete this flame, it's the * aura *
you can spühren them, * my * aura
they want to have this * aura *
the reason behind everything, they try everything to delete, but never this flame that burns in me