live free...die proud...ave fun...play loud...

You told me not to talk to you, So I told myself not to cry, But not talking to you for dayz, Just makes me wanna die!

 Fear is nothing but the anticipation of pain, be it physical, mental, spiritual or emotional.

Sweet is love when all is sane, Sweet is death to rid the pain, Cruel is death when all is well, Cruel is love when all is hell

(L) Love is like quicksand… the deeper you fall in the love harder it is to get out!(L)

Guys are like slinkies its always fun to watch them fall down the stairs
  sweet msn nicks
 I fell head over heals for you, i know other positions to

sweet nicks

Listen closely to your enemies, they tell you your faults!

a heart is not a play thing a heart is not a toy but if u want it broken........ give it 2 a boy

No One Dies A Virgin cuz Life Screws Us All !

Never fall in love with the guy next door.. .trust me different he will move!

The more I get to know guys, the more I like dogs!
sweet nick names
I wanted to kill the hottest person alive...but then I relized! I would be single!

 Love means never having to say your sorry!

What happens if you get scared to death....twice?

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