Cool nicknames

Im so cool I make ice jealous

 Why is it i must climb thousands of moutains to get to u and all u gotta do is smile

 True friends are loving, true friends care, and at the end the true friends are always there.

Would you catch me if I fall? Would you even notice me at all?

 The more I learn, the more I forget. So why would I learn? ( new trend )

Sweet is love when all is sane, Sweet is death to rid the pain, Cruel is death when all is well, Cruel is love when all is hell
Cool nicknames
 In the cookies of life, your friends are the chocolate chips

 My calculations are U+ME=US!

 (L) Love is like quicksand… the deeper you fall in the harder it is to get out!(L)

cool nicknames

The higher you are, the farther you fall

 Monkeys are cute and fuzzy, Boys are cute and sweet lazy!
Cool msn names even if u say no...u'll still be da first one in my heart

Your envy creates my energy, ever wonder why im so hyper?

 Anything is possible ... unless ur britney spears and want to sing

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