Be more concerned about your character than your reputation because your character is who you are and your reputation is what others think of you!

love is like quicksand, the deeper you fall in, the harder it is to get out!

separation nicknames

I tought you everything you know but...not everything I know!

I can find anyone to hold me, what I need from you is for you to love me!

You never stop-loving just learn to live without them!

Who let the dogs out?? Who Who Who Who? Who let the dogs out? Who Who Who Who? Please e-mail me back if you have the answer, my dogs have been missing all day!
Separation Nicknames
To say that you can love one person all your life, is like saying that one candle will continue to burn for as long as you rock live!

(name here) and (name here) were born ta shine while da rest of you are borderline

Theres a total diffrence between meh and yew i have skill and u have problems

I love him so much that it turns to hate.......

Roses are red, violets are blue, but you make me see all kinds of colours

Love me now, or love me never, but If you love me, love me forever.
Separation Words
Our eyes are placed in front because it is more important to look cute ahead than to look back!

I know you think you broke my heart know you think you made me cry, but guess what? NOT EVERY PLAYA IS A GUY!

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