Flirt Msn Nicknames

msn nicknames
I know you do not know me yet
But I'm in love with you.
When I see you my heart races when you go it rips me.
I'm too shy You know why it does not ..
I've kissed you .. But it did not go further.
Dear Cupid can you hear me?
Now send an arrow to the Arno, he loves me: 0)
I have finally found someone
It is glad to patronize
 love msn names
I love him so much
Finally, my life again fehr

Can finally think clearly
Would prefer to give him my heart
Might lie in his arms forever
It feels like when I would fly on clouds
In my head you're always
To see you I close my eyes
It came very suddenly when I saw you a few times
I did not know what happened to me
You and I
Flirt Msn Nicknames
I love you
The feeling you have with me day and night
Is as if someone is standing next to me and always watching over me
You make my smile does not pale
'll Never let you go again
Your lovely mouth invites you to kiss a
I remain forever yours

love nicknames

Always take my hand
You knew I was good
Such an honest man like you I've never seen
Would not know what would happen to me without you
I've never thought of a chance with you
And now you're here with me
At our bank we sit for two chillers
msn nicks
Forget both our suffering at that time the
My love was spoiled because of other
With you I feel so safe
Thank you that you stand to me
For you I'd walk through fire
Have comforted me when I cried
Did exactly who I thought

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