Guy msn nicknames

You need to learn the rules... to break them...

 Guys are like a peice of gum, when they loose there flavor, you pop in a new one!

I tought you everything you know but...not everything I know!

Your village just called, their missing their idiot!

 A broken heart continues to cute beat...

You think ur so cool u think ur all that well ppsshh whuts up with that?
Guy msn nicknames   Love is like ghosts...everyone talks about it..but no one has ever seen it!

 Every little thing that we do, should be between me and you!

A smile is a curve that can, straighten out a lot of things!

 Guys are like roses watch out for the pricks!

Your as fake as press on nails

I loved you once, I love you still, I always have, suicide and I always will!
Guy nicknames I am Too Much *PRINCESS* for one boy

Instead of shoving weeds in my face try roses!

 Born with no soul, lack of control, cut from the mold of the anti-social!

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